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Qazvin City Hall Complex






Restaurants of Qazvin City Hall Complex






Modern Restaurant






Talareshahr Facilities

Coffee Shop

Drinking pleasure in a place where is full of the scent and smell of coffee is a tempting offer for those who like a distinctive and cozy atmosphere.



The first gym above the ground with unique and beautiful view of the pool, welcomed you, athletes, in a calm and beautiful place. up to date and equipped facilities are used in this part.

Fast Food

With the goal of providing healthy product and using beneficial material we have our excellent service for variety of fast foods such as sand wiches,pizza,bread crumbs and so on.

Pool and Sauna

The second international swimming pool in Iran and the first public pool, unique and standard space with dimensions of 50 meters in length,21 meter in width, 5 meter in depth and also has 4 diving board with elevations of 3, 5, 7.5 and 10 meters.


The restaurant that is on the west side of the ground floor with experience staff creates a different and pleasant environment.



This restaurant has a capacity more than 350 people with a traditional design. It has beautiful view to the Baragin mountains of Qazvin city.


Bowling complex has facilities such as separate coffee shop, player’s rest place and unsurpassed out look as well as unique design and architecture.


Using our reservation system as our loyal customer, you will receivea discount on facilities of the qazvin talareshahr.


Talareshahr Events

Live Music


The first timeline of talareshahr published in december, 2017.

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